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Working in Burbank, that's all

Hi everybody, I'm in Burbank and very busy. I cleaned my desk last night and that made me happy. I'm struggling with the Vegas guidebook, but that's guidebook work. We had dinner with our friends Leigh and Seth and their 14 month-old daughter Riley last night. I love eating on patios.

Good and bad things are happening to my friends and I think about them more than I have time to write about them, or write to them about their struggles and gains.

I've added some Google ads to this site, lets see if anything comes of it. It makes money for other people I know. More importantly, I hope the search engine will work for you since I've yet to figure out how to code categories for Blogger.

I'm doing a pretty good job about not mentioning travel during this first week of January, but we are talking about a trip to Japan in March. The National Tourist Org for Japan wants to send me there, but we're still working out the details. If it works out, John will come with as he's always wanted to visit Japan. And TT seems to be working on 30 Days in Japan, so that would work out nicely.

Life is good in this corner of the world. I'm eating a tuna fish sandwich.

Burbank, CA
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At 1/09/2006 07:53:00 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

HA! I found your blog. Now I'm going to share it with the world.


Hope everything's going great in the new year.



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