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No 3-Pete for My Trojans

I'm in shock over the results of the game last night and can't bare to call my dad. We had a great party at Mark's where we usually play poker on Thursdays. It was excellent to watch the game in HDTV, and I was thrilled to get to do my thing of providing the guys with grub. We started with chips and dip, chips and salsa, veggies and dip, whipped cream cheese with a berry chipotle sauce and crackers, then snags and mac and cheese, a bit of thin crust cheese pizza, and finally some taquitos and home made guac. Oh yeah, and homemade brownies. What was even nicer than getting to play food gal was that the guys were actually genuinely appreciative. But I couldn't muster the grace to accept their thanks because I was so overcome by the last few minutes of the game and the final score.

I wonder what the Boi from Troy has to say about all of this.

Yep, the Boi has grace. Read his report, "Thursday Morning Quarterback."

I want to learn from his example—Congratulations to the Texas Longhorns.


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