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It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

I can't help it, it just doesn't feel like the holidays. I have zero time to shop. Won't make time to bake cookies until Friday when I have more of a handle on this guidebook I'm writing, and holiday cards just won't happen.

Things that are making me happy in Burbank:
1. New routine: steel cut oatmeal every morning for breakfast
2. Friends I haven't heard from in a long while writing me with good news
3. DVD player works AND we can watch TV at the same time the Tivo is recording
4. The Buena Vista Burbank Library
5. My Uncle is reading this blog.

Things that are driving me nuts:
1. I'm supposed to be an online travel expert, yet it took me more than an hour to research a decent hotel at a not so decent price for our two days in San Diego for xmas. I use SideStep, Mobissimo, and

In the poker world....
1.There's another funny picture of me up on Amy Calistri's blog from the blogger tournament. I like being a ham.
2.I tried out Daniel Negreanu's new online poker site,
3.I exchanged emails with Phill Hellmuth this week. I'd actually love to go to his camp and see the new Caesars poker room, but that's not what the emails were about.
4.I saw my first column in the current issue of BLUFF.


At 12/21/2005 10:55:00 AM, Anonymous craig said...

Hi Jennifer:

Burbank is much better off with you in it, if there are ever any local book signings, etc., I hope you will us LA folks know about them.

Have a great holiday season with the BBE, et. al.


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