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More Poker Less Scenester

I haven't had time to do one of my favorite a poker scenester. The World Poker Tour Five Diamond Classic is going on at the Bellagio in the Fontanta Room, where I first entered the world of poker media. And yes, met John. I haven't had time to go over there, but will tonight since I'm reviewing Sensi at the Bellagio.

Last night I went to Aureole with Gavin Smith who's on the cover of CardPlayer magazine this month. He was a little bummed from busting out on the first day because he's trying to get the WPT Player of the year and one more final table would really help. It was Gavin's fourth time at Aureole, and he was a real trooper. He warned me that the food would be "weird", but it was just your typical artsy gourmet chef doing his thing. Aureole is a Charlie Palmer restaurant at Mandalay Bay. And it was sexy. We had the tasting menu. Sorry, Susan. No pics, or doggie bags. Adam, the Sommelier pared each course for me, and I was impressed. This would be a good restaurant for taking a date.

I'm terribly busy doing guidebook work for Pulse Guides.

But I did manage to play Pai Gow with Amy Calistri and her brother, and rolled the bones with the poker bloggers. The World Poker Blogger Tour was in town and had a great tournament at Imperial Palace. 114 bloggers playing poker in a private room with an open bar. $65 buy in with free swag from Poker Stars and Full Tilt. Pauly McGuire, the most popular poker blogger online, posted some pics and I'm in two of them. The one I'm making a face in is me being down to my last $500 chip. I went out somewhere in the 50s.

Anyway, the Imperial Palace is a real find. Center strip for $32.50 off Travelocity via It's nothing like THEhotel, but if you expect Motel Six in a prime location, you're going to be even happier with what you really get. And I got a free upgrade because I insisted I needed a room with working WiFi, which they have for $9.99/24hrs. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to gamble in their champagne pit.

OK, you know where I am and that I'm alive so it's back to work.

Current: Imperial Palace by myself
Rest of the week: THEhotel with John!!!


At 12/17/2005 08:59:00 AM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Was a pleasure playing with you.

-Jeff (bottle of wine guy)


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