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The downside to having a BBE, is that people ask too many questions. When you have a BTDTYGE (Boyfriend that doesn't treat you good enough)...nobody asks anything except Are you still with him? Read: Are you still selling yourself short by being hung up on him? And they only care about when to start shopping for the replacement. I'm only recognizing this now. Some of the inquisitions are tolerable, with the pain only being in my own head. When 14 year olds are concerned.

All in the last hour and a half:

2nd Dad: Is John getting you a ring for Christmas
Jen: No
14yr old daughther: Are you living with John
Jen: Well.....I wouldn't call it living if I'm never there.
Katie: cool.
Jen: Wanna hear what Dad just asked me? (repeated it)
Katie: No way.
Jen: Atually I think I'm getting an iPod and a suitcase.
Katie: cool.

Grandfather: where's the car?
Jen: with John
Grandfather: Well, he's not taking very good care of it, a ticket came in (ten minute lecture on how a car gets a parking ticket and how it needs to be paid immediately)
Jen: Actually, I got the ticket, not him, it's my fault
Grandfather: What is your situation with John?
Jen: What do you mean?
Grandfather: How serious is this? (six minute lecture on my future)
Grandfather: We don't know anything about him.
Jen: He was just there at Thanksgiving, for the second time.
Grandfather: What's his background?
Jen: Ask him yourself at Christmas
Grandfather: No, I want to talk to you about it. Has he ever been married? Does he have any kids?
Jen: No
Grandfather: Well, we didn't know that. How old is he?
Jen: near losing it
Grandfather: We think you should wait and get to know him better, at least a year.
Jen: I'll have known him a year in April. He's a good guy. All my friends like him.
Grandfather: (two more minutes of lectures on various things followed by We miss you, I love you.)

It's funny. They pressure me to get busy settling down when I've got a guy (or two) that doesn't know the first thing about how to be good to me. Then I get one who does, and they want to lock me in my room.

I think I should order refrigerator magnets that read, "Trust me, I'm happy" and pass those out for Xmas presents. In four languages, just in case there's any confusion.

Actually the only thing that could make me happy right now is for December to be over.


At 12/10/2005 10:43:00 AM, Anonymous BJ Nemeth said...

Jen -- I'm looking forward to seeing you in Vegas soon. (I'm on my way back from Atlantic City today, which is Saturday.) I read in your other blog that you'd like to add the Bill Bryson book to your Christmas List. I loved the book, and would be happy to tell you about it. It's one of my favorites, but it might be more closely aligned with my interests than yours.

Now that I've written this, why didn't I just email this to you? Oh yeah, this was quicker and easier. The laziness of the twenty-first century knows no bounds ...

(By the way, I hate ellipses, but continue to use them ... see?)

-- BJ

At 12/10/2005 10:45:00 AM, Anonymous BJ Nemeth said...

On yeah, one more thing. Even though your holiday family experiences were painful to live through, it made for a great blog entry. Perhaps writers have to suffer for their material after all ...

(Stop those damn ellipses!)

-- BJ


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