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Leaving Las Vegas

OK, I'm headed back to Burbank, CA now and will be buried in guidebook writing till Christmas. I did get to gamble a bit...the other night we took our Seattle friends to the Silverton and bowled in an airstream, and played Pai Gow. Last night I had a mini meltdown because I just couldn't do everything I wanted to and am overwhelmed with the fact that all the work starts now. All that energy expended and I haven't really even started yet. It's mind boggling.

To make it better we went to the MGM early for a little attitude adjustment before the review dinner. (Our Avenue Q show had been cancelled). It's a good thing we did. John won $100 at Three Card Poker and I, in a random bit of spontaneity, played a $1 Megamillions slot machine. (I hardly ever play slots). So, I put in $20, maxed the betting at $3 per pull, and pulled, not pushed (the button). I was up and down a few bucks every few hands and then I hit something and the credits kept coming. At that point, I didn't know if the pay out was in $1s or quarters. When it stopped cling-clinging and the paper payout slip came out, it read $611.00. I thought John was over a few sections at his video poker machine so I ran over there. But he wasn't there. I was spinning in a circle looking for him and even yelled-JOHN! Nothing. Then I called his phone, but it went straight to voicemail so I hung up. Then I kept looking and found him laughing at me. Apparently I had ran right past him, nearly knocking him over, so he just watched me. Jerk. He said the look on my face was priceless when I got the slip, and he thought I had won $100.

Anyway, I needed it. This place is a cash suck.

Back to work.

Current: Vegas
Later this afternoon: Burbank, Ca


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