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Green Light for Charleston

I'm about to go on the next round of meetups with John. He has lots of friends here. But first I wanted to give you the update. The houses here are irresistable. And I'm a sucker for the porches. Big houses, with porches, and palm trees. The palm trees kill me. I can't get enough of them. I'll be fine to move here. We both know that there is no perfect solution for us. And I do like Charleston, the town, better than Los Angeles. (You know how much I hate LA). So, this would work for me. But it would make me VERY far away from friends and family. Still, it's sexy as all get out.

And it's great to see John so excited. I've never seen him this happy in a place. We looked at houses yesterday and it's in the same ballpark as SoCal, but you get so much more of a house than you would. Burbank is so out of the question after seeing this place. Nobody would ever visit me, but I think I could see everybody over 3 yearly visits to the West Coast. Or just have everyone come to Vegas while I was at the WSOP every year. Who knows.

We could move in three months, or three years. But I'm fine to move here if he wants to. It is gorgeous. We saw a house for rent in an excellent location yesterday for $2100/month. That's on par or cheaper than what we were looking for in Long Beach. We also saw a BIG duplex house to buy in a decent location for $799k. Five fireplaces. Can you imagine?

It's hard to fathom that we're close to that. So close, yet so far. Right now we're going to look at an office building downtown that his friend just got for under $500/month. I'm excited about that. I think it would be fine to live in the country in a $200k house if we were working in a charming brick building from the 1700s. We'll see, it's all talk right now.

The band was amazing last night. I was crying a river and didn't even know why. On the very first song! Tonight is their last night, their final performance together as this band. I'm wearing the Oprah Winfrey dress. Everyone will be flooding then.

Hopefully we can get our camera working and take some pics. Of the band, and especially of the buildings. Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you! John took me for some lowcountry food last night and I had some yummy shimp and grits, as well as crab cakes and red rice. The shrimp and grits at Carolina's were in deed something to yum about. Come visit, I have a feeling I'm going to end up here.

Current: Charleston, SC


At 12/30/2005 11:07:00 AM, Blogger sarahbellum said...

Hopefully we can get our camera working and take some pics.

Hopefully?!? That dress sounds TO DIE FOR, so you'd better post pics! (Yes, I am a demanding reader.)

Your happiness is contagious.


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