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Chip Counts

They are on another break. For those watching John, he lost about 8k or so right before dinner. Another level and he's down to 7.8k. The average chip stack is 17,863k. It's quite the roller coaster again. He says we're near going home. I'm trying to get him to think positive, but it's no easy task. Now, he's off taking a meeting.

LEVEL 7, blinds 200-400. Time is 10:00 p.m.

Our hero John Cardwell 7.8k

Carlos Mortensen 5,000

Roy 'The Boy' Brindley 26,500

Marcel Luske 14,000

Ram Vaswami 28,000

Noah Boeken 10,000

Ross Boatman 11,000

Jeff Duvall 26,900

Patrik Antonius 35,000

Roland de Wolfe 16,000

Mark Teltcher 15,000

Chip counts are courtesy of GutShot. Thanks David and Stephen!


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