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In My Magazine Rack

We moved the desk in yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Well, of course I'll be happier once I have some art up and my old desk turns into a dining table, but what I'm saying is, I'm quite pleased with my new "station," as I'm calling it. there was no way I could wait to paint it.

Bringing the desk into the bedroom meant moving the bed, and whoa...this is the biggest difference of all. Lets just say I wasn't the first to mention the improved Feng Shui. The whole energy of the room feels better and we haven't done a thing towards decorating yet.

Things are going GREAT. I made several new friends at the travel show, one of which is really hooking me up. Abbie is connecting me with a bunch of the editors at the big glossy women's mags, and soon the men's mags, too - which means Jockstrap just might have the best launch yet.

Anyway, I'm super gung ho about writing right now, so the desk couldn't have come at a better time.

Since yesterday we did what was on the nano, now we'll do what is in my magazine rack.

Business 2.0

Fast Company
and I'm using the March issue of BLUFF as my mousepad. you want to talk about Brokeback Mountain? I loved the scenery, but the movie didn't blow me away like other Ang Lee movies. I even liked the story line, so I'll have to think about what I felt was missing.

Current: Burbank, Ca
Next: Fingers crossed it's Vegas on Sunday.


At 3/01/2006 04:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh, maybe it has something to do with Hot Heath giving the love away to another boy. That thought leaves me feeling empty inside! Seen Walk the Line? That left me smiling and tapping my toes! Saw it twice, once on the plane home from Austin. Write girl write!


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