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Today is a great day/ John Playboy recap

I'm in a stellar mood. Maybe it's from laughing with kids for the whole weekend, maybe it's because I had an Americano for the first time six or seven days, or maybe it's just because I'm oft to feel really good about life fairly often.

My Jenopolis idea is working. I'm getting viral marketing consulting gigs. Some pay, some for friends. It's kind of like I'm building a portfolio in an area that I've been living in for four years. Only now, it's the new black. And I want to try and do as much as I can with it, not just walk the limbo line with the high bar.

For starters, I'm going to start working for Mobissimo. Small gig, pretty small to start. But who knows. We're also taking Written Road to the next level. New advertising opportunities. Travelers Tales bought our first book ad, so those will start in April. I've also got some writers that are eager to start, and I'm long over due in doing a WR newsletter. I've got other fires cooking too, but I'll talk about those when they eventuate. Bottom line is that I need to make Written Road and VivaLasVegasBlog live up more to my vision. Both have been treading water for some time now.

On the John front, he's been packing up the apt. You have to check out his post about the Playboy Mansion, complete with a photo of him and two bunnies. Too funny. He's got a total deer in the headlights look on his face. He leaves for Vilnius, Lithuania tomorrow. His fourth trip in a year.

I have meetings all day tomorrow. Some for Jockstrap, some for Jenopolis. More meetings and Jockstrap PR on Thursday. Back up to Marin for the weekend and I fly home on Sunday. I must say, I'm a little releived that poker won't be on this week. I hate missing our home game.
Monday the cable guy comes over, and on Tuesday I'll move the stuff over. I've hired a Big Man with a Big Van from Craigslist. He has a great ad. Very professional. And it's only $55/hour for two guys. I'm so excited about the new house I can hardly stand it. John's pretty excited about his new office, too. He's got the guys that made Hoodwinked in his office.

Ok, that's it for now. I hope you're having fun.

Current: San Francisco, CA
Next: Burbank, CA (April 2)
After that: Las Vegas (April 17-19)
John: Prague, Vilnius, Amsterdam (3/29-4/11)


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