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Almost Computer Day!

We went to Melrose Mac today to check in and buy the new Powerbook G4 12" so they can transfer the recovered data. I've also ordered iLife06 so I can podcast. I wanted to podcast last year, but I never got the software situation sorted. Now, I can do all the editing myself with Garage Band. I'm so excited to have my mac back, or a mac, I can hardly wait.

In other good news I won $350 over the weekend. Is that the most I've won online in a tourney? I think so. And if I knew how to lay down, I'd have gone even farther. But still, I came in sixth and saw some final table action. I was even chip leader for a bit, and that was fun. But there's no real need to play on PokerHost again. It didn't start on time and I think it might've even broke down once during the play. Maybe twice. I was only there because it was a freeroll.

I had other news...what was it?! Oh yeah, The Thong Also Rises is a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards. Humor Category. I'm glad it's not in the travel catergory, lots of competition over there! But hey, the guy who wrote Keeping the Baby ALive till Your Wife Gets Home could clock me. That sounds like the funniest title! That and Lon. L. Emerick's You Wouldn't Like it Here. That sounds funny. I think they announce the awards in May.

What else? I showed off the new house today for the first time. And realized that we have a small cozy living room. Not sure why I thought it was bigger before. Oh well, no worries. We still don't know how to set up the second bedroom. It'll probably be a dining room. But what else? It can't just be a dining room. Maybe a library with two good arm chairs? That sounds nice. We're having a tough time deciding which is more important, a new sofa bed or a new 42" Plasma HDTV. I know we're a ways off with either, but still, that's a hard decision to make! The other thing I really want is a patio set. But John's convinced it'll get stolen and or ruin the grass. And I can't argue with that. We do not have an enclosed back yard. I guess I'll need some kind of fold up table and such. I might ask for a bbq for my bday instead of a trip to Milwaukee. Dare I utter those words - ahhhh! That's almost harder decision to make than the sofa and TV!

I'm looking forward to going to San Francisco on Wed. I have a bunch of storage stuff to sort out. Not looking forward to that.

Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm spoiled. But like I will continue to claim, there's a difference between being spoiled and being a spoiled brat. And I will do everything I can not to be the latter.

Current: Burbank, Ca
Next: San Francisco, CA (3/22-??)


At 3/21/2006 07:57:00 PM, Blogger Mrs. B said...

a big hug and homemade chili for lunch awaits you. hurry on up here!


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