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Hello from Palo Alto - near Stanford

The new computer is the best thing ever. A hair better than my new black and orange laptop bag that I got to carry it in. I know that having a new lease on computer life can't compare to those happy about having a true new lease on life -- but I feel much more myself now. All is well in the Jen Leo world when she's connected to her PowerBook. (G4, 12")

Especially now that I have sunglasses and red shoes.

But, of course because I blogged about the "yellow" shoes, blog readers seem surprised when they see me in the red ones. So, yes, the clothes bit is slowly coming together, too. Blue jeans, black tee, camel clolred denim jacket, red shoes,and a Mac laptop swung at my side -- this is the Jen Leo look. If I could wear this every single day, I would. And I just might. It's a free country, so they say.

So, I'm still consumed with trying to organize the old email and old files, but that won't last long. As soon as I checked my email I had an assignment from Student Traveler on travel podcasts waiting for me. Nice. Any minute now, my new publicist will walk through the doors and we'll get some action plan going for Jockstrap. Better late than not at all.

For lunch, Susan made chili, as she said. And tonight it's veggie risotto and mango mojitos at the Brady's.

I've only told 1/3 of my Bay Area peeps that I'm here. Which is fine for now. I don't know how long I'm staying. Definitely through the 29th, but it's all up in the air after that. If I get to see Dana (from college), and/or her family, then I'll stay longer. If I don't, I'll come home after my meetings are done and help John pack the hosue before he heads off to Vilnius again.

Believe it or not, I'd rather be here (and in Burbank/Pasadena) than in Vilnius right now. Did I just say that? I mean it. I've got a lot going on and I'm all revved up to take it on. I'm trying to drum up some extra freelance work, and if comes to fruition I'll be happy as a clam, working in the Little Old Lady, my new nickname for the Pasadena house.

Things I've seen recently that I'd like to remember:
a young girl doing the hula hoop in our back alley
a mexican cowboy buying a woman at Starbucks a cup of coffee
a bank attendant helping a blind woman
teaching toddler Reilly to play catch

Current: Palo Alto, CA
Next: Greenbrae, CA (Thurs - Tues)
John: Burbank now, Vilnius (April 1 - 11)


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