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There's friends that love you, friends that get you, and friends that tolerate you. You know you're blessed when you get a three-fer all in one.

Being back in the Bay Area, I'm surrounded by a good majority of my three-fers. How cool was it for Susan to not only notice all my new (fat) clothes, but say how great I looked, AND know why the yellow shoes are exactly me. Too cool. A good friend.

I'm going to be having three-fer friend meetings all week. I really have more family up here in the Bay Area than I do anywhere else. Family being my second families, not my blood family.

Oh, and then there's the added bonus of James saying that I should do a book called Jen Leo Pigs Out! We were rolling about this. A recipe book. Or, an anthology about stories of excess. I like it. But we might have to wait until I'm more famous for the masses to get the humor of it all.

Anyway, it's nice to be back here. But it's also nice to finally have someone and some place to go back to. I can't wait to move in to our Pasadena House! I'll either be back Thurs night, Friday night, or Sunday. And we won't know when until next week.

Have fun at poker night everybody. So sorry to miss it!

Current: Palo Alto
Bay Area till the end of the month.


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