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A Day in SF

Yesterday was a great day. I took the MUNI down to the Ferry Building. Nano tunes included:
  • Killers: All These Things that I Have Done
  • Neil Diamond: Cracklin Rosie, Cherry, Cherry
  • Bruce Springsteen: Badlands, The Rising
  • Killers: All These Things that I Have Done (on repeat)
I met with Larry Habegger and we talked about podcasting. He's getting his feet wet with turning his World Travel Watch column to audio. You can listen to it in his "Worldwide" category. I gave him some ideas for what kind of content I thought would generate him more traffic to Travelers' Tales, and we mostly talked as fast as we could catching up on his other projects and writing classes.

Next meeting was with my publicist. It went. We practiced an interview that we are actually going to do a podcast for. I didn't have all my equipment, and since I was just seeing the q's for the first time, we both definitely needed the practice. We'll finish it up another time.

It was drizzling a bit and I caught a cab to the Six Apart offices over on 4th Street. I had a great lunch with my friend Harold, and we talked about the possibility of working together. I was pretty amped. It's not often I get to talk to like minded people. Afterwards I wondered where all my enthusiasm came from, and I just sat back and thought to appreciate. Those moments seem to be fewer and father between these days. Is that a testament to the projects I've been working on, or the people I've been hanging with. I don't know. But, might as well just appreciate the energy flowing through me when it does happen. Luckily, Harold is cool. He knows me and isn't intimidated or too annoyed with the Jen Show when it comes in doses.

Then, it was off to Fillmore and Waller for a meeting with my Creative Storefront team. The cafe was fantastic. Cafe Du Soleil. Big wooden share tables, some two-tops, a bar, casual French food, wine, coffee, and a pot de creme to write home about. Free WiFi of course. I had a white wine to chill me out. We're nearing completion on our website. Still have a few edits, need to do new photos, etc. But then we'll be setting it off into the world. You can have a sneak preview.

Dinner with Tara at Tommy's on Geary. Good margaritas. Ok carne asada. We went back home and she watched LOST for the first time. She said it was a good thing she hadn't started watching from the beginning because if she had, she'd have been hooked.

I'm in Palo Alto now. John should be in Vilnius. He said he slept 5-6 hours on the plane, the most he has ever. Didn't wake up till the breakfast cart came. That's good news.

Current: Palo Alto, CA
Next: Burbank on Sunday April 2.
Moving to Pasadena: Tuesday April 4


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