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John is Coming Home Today

This is good. We're both excited for him to see the new house. Unfortunately, I'm slammed and don't have time to do another haul from the old apt, or set up his present *exactly* the way I wanted to.

But the house is great, just as it is. The Little Old Lady is a happy one, whether anyone is home or not. Like John, she is happiest when it's sunny outside.

My brain has been working overtime while he's been gone. So, it'll be good to have him here so it can slow down some. I guess that's what happens when you're alone in a house....the world of over-analyzing shows it's ugly backside.

I played some SNGs last night. Had a few cashes. Enough to take $100 out of Full Contact Poker.

I have so many things to do today, it's crazy. But man, I can't wait for Vegas next week!

Pasadena, CA
Next: Vegas, NV (4/16-19)


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