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So, You're Planning a Trip to Vegas are you?

Seems like everytime we get on the horn, someone is telling us that they want to meet us in Vegas this summer. And that's awesome. But it also means that I have to start organizing dates because overlap will stress me out. As of right now, I don't have any commitments during the WSOP. This is good. It will allow me to do my own work thing and keep building my viral marketing agenda, and it also leaves me open to wait for the choicest deal should it come up.

Ok, here's our schedule so far for Vegas. I'll fill in as people sign up and keep bringing this back to the front, or put it in a sidebar:

5/24 going to the pokerdome opening at Tao. Might only stay one night.

6/24 I'm going to the LV Academy with Phil Gordon and Andy Bloch
6/25 Satellite/Live action begins at the WSOP
6/26 WSOP begins....(employee night).
Check the full WSOP schedule here

We will be returning to Pasadena the beginning of July for a few days, but we're not sure of the dates. John says we'll have to play it by ear.
7/1-7/4 Harold Check- but he's coming less for social, more for the tourney
4th of July - who knows.
7/6 - 7/10 World Poker Blogger Tour(I'll be very busy with this)
7/9 Ladies event for the WSOP
7/9-7/16 The Brady's are coming to town. (Consider this time frame booked unless you know them)
7/27 Media Event for WSOP
7/28 The Main Event for the WSOP begins

AUGUST (If it's anything like last year, we'll probably be pretty grouchy from the long summer and focused on the event at this time. Not a good time to come party, unless all you want to do is watch the WSOP. If this is your only window, come as early in the month as possible. The closer to the final table, the crazier it gets.

8/10 Final table of the WSOP.
8/11 go home.

Please book your hotel in Vegas on my budding Vegas website,

Thanks and see you soon!


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