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House Update

John's working on the house this weekend. I'm still bounded by deadlines, but doing back to back laundry loads at the same time. Things we've got going on:

1. Him putting a gazillion gold and platinum records away. He says they're not really valuable at all, but we can't have them out because people walking by all our windows might think they are and break in. They do look impressive. But when you have three closets full of them, they're just in the way. Look at me being a music ignoramus. That reminds me...

2. Dinner party tonight. One of John's very good friends from the music business is having an intimate birthday bash. Everyone there will be in music, show biz, or politics—the three things I know zero about. Can't we just talk about travel, blogs, and poker? Well, I tell you what, I sure am going to power read some current event blogs so that I do know what and who people are talking about during dinner. Lets hope I don't make an ass of myself. It's very hard for me to keep my mouth shut for a whole evening. But I'm definitely smart enough to know NOT to talk about stuff I don't know a thing about. Like public policy.

3. We have our first visitors coming this week! (My dad doesn't quite count since we weren't set up or both here). And these dear friends are from our Vegas life, so yes, we have tons in common and will have heaps of fun. But I've got two deadlines to accomplish by the time they arrive. Then two small ones following. Can it happen? Yes. Begin the all nighters.

4. I'm going to my first hockey game Tues. Anaheim Vs. Calgary. I hope I get to see a fight. And I double hope the hot dogs are good. Woohoo!

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