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Dreaming of a Personal Assistant

So, I just searched Craigslist for a personal assistant but didn't really see any I was dying to call. Thought about putting up a "gig" listing for some kind of barter intern for travel writing advice, but I know that would just be more time from my end. I'd rather pay someone a small fee for a few hours and whip everything into shape.

I want my projects organized on Jotspot (and to come on the minute my computer starts)
I want my Bloglines streamlined " "
And I want a schedule and a budget made for all my projects.
And if I could have anything I wanted, I'd have someone call me first thing in the morning and tell me what I had going on everyday. But I think Jotspot could take care of that.

Man, if someone wanted to give this to me for my bday. wow. Best gift ever.
Meanwhile, I'm just thrilled beyond belief that I have an available kick butt editor.

I have to write a chapter for a women's poker anthology today. and I'm supposed to write it about meeting John and how I got into the whole thing, and what it's like being a g'friend to a poker player. He's going to love that!

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Las Vegas, NV (tues 5/23-5/24)


At 5/17/2006 10:30:00 PM, Blogger Jen Leo said...

Well, enough complaining about that!
Better to do something like go out and by an organizer that works. Check.

Baby steps.


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